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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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European Quantum Communication Infrastructure - The EuroQCI initiative - Works


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12 October 2022 in Funding & tenders portal
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European Health and Digital Executive Agency
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Connecting Europe Facility 2
Digital technologyDigital transformationEUFundedProposals


CEF Digital actions to co-fund the terrestrial backbone network components will be complementary to those developed through the Digital Europe Programme and will be focused on supporting cross-border links between two or more national quantum communication networks in Member States, and/or linking the EuroQCI’s terrestrial and space segments.

It is also anticipated that Member States will complement actions under CEF Digital with possible funding from the Recover and Resilience Facility (RRF).


The following priorities have been set to address the needs of EU’s national governments and critical infrastructures supporting services of general interest (hereafter “critical public infrastructures”):

  • Deployment of cross-border quantum terrestrial backbone networks for interconnecting neighbouring national quantum communication infrastructures across borders, built with EU technologies, including if necessary, through the deployment of "trusted nodes" (i.e. secure access points to the network which make it possible to link distant sites securely).
  • Interconnection with the EuroQCI’s space segment, developed under the Secure Connectivity programme, which will be implemented via the optical ground stations serving as an interface between the EuroQCI’s space components and its terrestrial fibre network.
  • Provision of fibre links between the EuroQCI and a pan-European network of Security Operation Centres (SOCs).

This scope includes the actions needed at the level of telecommunications networks to manage encryption keys efficiently and securely in an end-to-end manner and ensure their transmission to recipients.

This topic will support the deployment of quantum communication infrastructure for routes between Member States, including overseas countries and territories:

  • where the national segments of quantum communication infrastructure are already in place or where their deployment is already ongoing or operationally planned, and
  • where a crossborder link between at least two EU countries, (including outermost regions and overseas countries and territories), or a space segment interconnection is foreseen.