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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article16 July 20211 min read

Become an expert for HaDEA

HaDEA appoints external experts to assist in the evaluation of grant applications, projects and tenders, and to provide opinions and advice in specific cases.

If you want to become and expert, register in the European Commission's expert database.

If you are already registered in the database but wish to add or highlight your relevant experience, update your profile with the relevant keywords and/or subject areas.

Relevant areas of expertise to be an expert for HaDEA include areas such as:

  • Digital & data infrastructures
  • 5G systems and backbone networks including submarine cables and cloud infrastructure
  • Space research
  • Health

call-for-expression-of-interest_en.pdf (


Publication date
16 July 2021
Programme Sector
  • Health
  • Food
  • Digital
  • Careers