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News article29 November 2021European Health and Digital Executive Agency, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety1 min read

The Electronic Exchange of Social Information: how digitalisation of social security accompanies EU citizens when moving and travelling within Europe

EESSI Platform

Are you an EU citizen who lives and works in another EU country? Then you may know that EESSI, the Electronic Exchange of Social Information, strengthens protection of your social security rights by allowing social security institutions to process your claims for social security benefits across borders in a rapid and secure way.

EESSI is an IT system funded by Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) deploying cross-border digital services that allows the relevant institutions to exchange social security information. This includes pension rights, sickness benefits, family benefits, unemployment benefits, and many more, as required by the EU rules on social security coordination for citizens when moving within Europe (European Economic Area and Switzerland). Therefore, EESSI facilitates a quicker and more efficient processing of social security data for EU citizens and businesses. In addition to that, it allows national social security institutions to determine the social security rights, to combat fraud and error, and to handle personal data in a secure and safe way.

If you are planning to move or to travel within Europe, you might be interested to learn that EESSI is there to provide the necessary information through the relevant institutions in case your social security data is needed.

How does this happen in practice? Well, for example, if you worked previously in Italy and decided to move to Malta, you can ask the national authorities in Malta to access your social security data from Italy through EESSI and to calculate your social security benefits in accordance with the applicable EU laws. Moreover, these exchanges are digital, fast and secure, allowing you to obtain your benefits no matter where you decide to live and work in the EU.

For more information on EESSI and the projects funded by CEF, check out the information available on the CEF Digital website and the country overview.

Check out these two videos produced by the Maltese EESSI beneficiary:

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