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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article31 January 2022European Health and Digital Executive Agency, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety2 min read

EU-funded projects for a cancer-free Europe!

world cancer day2

4 February is World Cancer Day, an international day to raise awareness of and mobilise actions towards the elimination of barriers to cancer care.

The fight against cancer is one of the European Commission’s top health priorities. HaDEA is currently managing a number of projects and initiatives under the programmes EU4Health and Horizon Europe health research (Cluster 1). Both programmes actively contribute to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the EU’s response to growing challenges and developments in cancer control. The Horizon Europe health research cluster also contributes to the EU Mission on Cancer

Horizon Europe health research (Cluster 1)

HaDEA organises calls for proposals to fund collaborative research projects such as these:

  • The  Oncolorelief project has created an app that enhances cancer patients’ wellbeing and health status following treatment. The Guardian Angel app utilises data analytics to provide personalised support in post-treatment activities, namely for patients suffering from two types of cancer, acute myeloid leukaemia and colorectal cancer.
  • Fortee promotes exercise therapy, which aims to make young patients stronger in fighting childhood cancer. The project is also aiming at setting up a personalised and innovative exercise training app.
  • The  Cancerless project aims at overcoming health inequalities and promotes timely access to healthcare for the homeless to help them prevent cancer.
  • RISCC advocates for more effective and efficient cervical cancer screening. The project aims at promoting a more personalised screening based on individual risk, with health professionals considering factors such as women’s vaccination status.
  • The  Preferable project encourages physical exercise to combat fatigue in breast cancer patients. The project bases itself on studies into the cost-effectiveness of exercising and patients’ perspectives. The goal is to ultimately implement exercise as an integral part of cancer care.

EU4Health programme

The EU4Health programme supports the development of a new approach to cancer prevention, treatment and care.  

How? It continues the work of the 3rd health programme which has funded key joint actions and initiatives that allow Europe to take the lead in the fight against cancer. Here are some examples:

The partnership supports EU countries in handling neglected cancers and in discovering new treatments that help the immune system fight cancer. The key focus of the Joint Action is to implement these innovative approaches in cancer control.

The ECL brings together work of national cancer organisations on cancer prevention to improve access to medicines and better support the patients. The association facilitates exchange between cancer care experts and patients on treatment, support, and rehabilitation.

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