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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article20 August 20211 min read

€38 million of CEF Telecom funding to boost delivery of cross-border services

CEF Telecom

The signature of the grant agreements under the CEF Telecom call for proposals (CEF-TC-2020-2) has been concluded. Therefore, the European Union co-funds 83 projects to boost the delivery of cross-border services for European citizens, businesses and public administrations, for a total of €38 million.

The projects also stimulate the uptake of digital technologies in our daily lives and contribute to achieving economic growth and supporting the competitiveness of the European economy. The areas of action of the projects are those of Business Register Interconnection System, Cybersecurity, eArchiving, eHealth, eProcurement, European Digital Media Observatory, European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs, and Public Open Data.

The Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) manages the technical and financial implementation of these CEF Telecom projects with the successful beneficiaries, providing technical expertise and high quality programme implementation. Additionally, it collects substantial information from the beneficiaries on project implementation that is thereafter transmitted to the European Commission to help shape future EU policy.

Follow our website regularly to stay informed about the latest news and developments with CEF funding and projects, and future funding opportunities, including under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP).

More information about the CEF Telecom supported projects is available in the latest Connecting Europe Facility Telecom brochure.

19 AUGUST 2021
CEF Telecom



Publication date
20 August 2021
Programme Sector
  • Digital
  • Digital Europe Programme