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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News announcement18 June 2024European Health and Digital Executive Agency1 min read

EU4Health call for proposals on cancer

EU4H Cancer

HaDEA has published the call for proposals on cancer under the 2024 EU4Health work programme:

  • EU4H-2024-PJ-02-1: Call for proposals to support integration of cancer images into the federated pan-European infrastructure to foster screening programmes - CR-g-24-37 
  • EU4H-2024-PJ-02-2: Call for proposals to increase health literacy for cancer prevention and care - CR-g-24-39 
  • EU4H-2024-PJ-02-3: Call for proposals on the development of social services for psychosocial support and rehabilitation for children and their families in paediatric oncology clinics in Member States and countries associated to the EU4Health Programme - CR-g-24-43
  • EU4H-2024-PJ-02-4: Call for proposals on EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors - CR-g-24-45

A dedicated info session took place on 26 June, check out the presentations and recording.

All interested parties are invited to apply via the Funding and Tenders Portal by 10 October 2024.


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18 June 2024
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