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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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EU4Health call for tenders to map EU/EEA/EFTA countries’ job retention policies for cancer patients and persons with a history of cancer

EU4Health tender cancer patients job retention

HaDEA has launched the call for tenders 'Study on job retention and return to work for cancer patients and survivors'.

The overall aim of this call for tenders is to map EU/EEA/EFTA countries’ policies for cancer patients and persons with a history of cancer to remain in work and to return to work.

The service contract will:

  • Map implemented or planned policies and related legislation in all above-mentioned countries.
  • Identify obstacles and remaining challenges in job retention and return to work via desk research, interviews and workshops with relevant stakeholders and competent authorities from above-mentioned countries.
  • Organise, collect and share around 10 good practices of policy approaches in supporting job retention and return to work.

Estimated budget: € 550 000

All interested parties are invited to send their applications by 17 February 2023, 16:00 (CET)

Learn more and apply on the eTendering portal.



EU4Health, with a budget of €5.3 billion, is the fourth and largest of the EU health programmes. The EU4Health programme goes beyond an ambitious response to the COVID-19 crisis to address the resilience of European healthcare systems. The programme provides funding to national authorities, health organisations and other bodies through grants and public procurement, contributing to a healthier Europe.

HaDEA manages the vast majority of the total EU4Health budget and implements the programme by managing calls for proposals and tenders from 2021 to 2027.

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