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News article7 July 2022European Health and Digital Executive Agency1 min read

EU4Health: Upcoming calls for tender

EU4Health calendar tender
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The EU4Health Annual Work Programmes (2021 and 2022) include a number of actions that will be implemented through procurements. This tentative calendar gives an overview of upcoming calls in the second semester of 2022.

Interested parties are invited to regularly consult TED and e-Tendering for the possible publication of the contract notice and tender documents.

Annual Work Programme 2021

Annual Work Programme 2022

Title of the action

Indicative budget

Indicative timeline

Cancer (CR)

CR-p-22-12.01- Framework contract (FWC) to support the revision of tobacco-control acquis




CR-p-22-11.01 - Study on obstacles for cancer survivors to return to work

€ 500 000


CR-p-22-11.02 - Study on the development of a code of conduct on fair access of cancer survivors to financial services

€ 2 000 000



CR-p-22-12.01 – Framework contract (FWC) on the technical group supporting the characterising-flavours procedure in the tobacco legislation




Crisis preparedness (CP)

CP-P-22-01.08 - Study on market research and mapping of innovative diagnostic testing solutions (HERA)

€ 200 000


CP-p-22-01.03 - IT tool for early warning, modelling, simulation, forecast in order to support the intelligence gathering and analysis function of HERA               

€ 24 500 000


CP-p-22-01.02 - Procurement of vaccines against infectious disease threats such as pandemic influenza

€ 31 000 000

Partially implemented

Health systems (HS)

HS-p-22-14.02 - Guidelines on access to healthcare for people with disabilities       

€ 700 000



HS-p-22-18.03 - Supporting the cooperation between the national authorities and professional sector associations in the blood, tissue and cells and organs sectors

€ 750 000



OT-P-26.1 - Multiple Framework Contracts in Cascade for Support Services to Manage Expert Groups in the Field of Health 2023-2025



Annual Work Programme 2021

HS-p-17.1 - Organisation of training and Networking of Substances of Human Origin (SoHO) Competent Authorities’ Staff for Oversight

€ 2 500 000


CP-p-05.1 - EU preparedness: analysis, planning, reporting and training programmes for health specialists

€ 5 500 000






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7 July 2022
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