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News article30 October 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency

European Cyber Security Month: discover projects funded through Connecting Europe Facility and Digital Europe Programme

European Cyber Security Month: discover projects funded through Connecting Europe Facility and Digital Europe Programme

To celebrate the 11th anniversary of the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), HaDEA is highlighting projects funded under Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and Digital Europe Programme. The resources and results of these projects may help people and organisations in Europe avoid the pitfalls of social engineering (i.e., handing over sensitive information).

The projects

  • CORAL (Cybersecurity Certification based On Risk evALuation and treatment) is preparing SMEs in Europe for basic-level Cybersecurity Certifications. CORAL suggests an approach and a toolset based on existing official criteria, such as international or European standards, internationally recognised good practices, and even draft CSA scheme requirements, to assess the cybersecurity maturity of any ICT service, product, or process. The CORAL toolset is composed of a series of security questionnaires as well as an overall framework. It is available online on a dedicated platform and can be used anonymously and freely to assess the cybersecurity maturity of a solution. This video presents more information about the project.
  • The Safer Internet Centre of the Czech Republic created a Cyber Trouble game for children of 6 years and older, teachers, and parents. It provides 57 terms on information technology and cyber security. Children can learn what digital footprint, hoax, cyber grooming is, but also why they should regularly update software or use an antivirus programme. Both an online and printable version exist.
  • The Safer Internet Centre in Luxembourg has a vast offer of tools and publications  which include pedagogical materials, guides, factsheets (thematic contributions) as well as interactive websites and apps for various target groups. This guide offers some advice, tips, and tricks to protect oneself from the risks on the Internet.

In addition, numerous EU-funded projects are boosting cybersecurity skills in Europe through master programmes and specialised training courses:

  • SPECTRO will deliver SPecialised Education programmes in CybersecuriTy and RObotics to more than 1,000 European citizens.
  • CyberSecPro    (Collaborative, Multi-modal and Agile Professional Cybersecurity Training Program for A Skilled Workforce In the European Digital Single Market and Industries) creates cutting-edge education, training materials, and courses to advance competencies and professionalism in EU cybersecurity.
  • CYRUS (A personalised, customised, work-based training framework for enhanced CYbeR-security skills across indUstrial Sectors) is dedicated to helping companies in transport and manufacturing combat cybersecurity threats and attacks.
  • DIGITAL4Security is an innovative and market-led European Masters Programme in Cybersecurity Management & Data Sovereignty that will equip European SMEs and companies from multiple sectors with cybersecurity management, regulatory and technical skills they need to prevent and respond to existing and emerging cybersecurity threats, helping to safeguard European industries from cyber-attack.

Join our efforts during ECSM and arm yourself with knowledge to outsmart hackers thanks to the resources and materials of these projects.


Since June 2021, EU Cybersecurity Act (CSA), has been fully in force. The CSA sets a European framework aiming to harmonise at the EU level the parameters related to the rules, requirements, standards and procedures that should apply to risk-based cybersecurity certification schemes for ICT products, ICT services and ICT processes. It introduces three assurance levels – ‘basic’, ‘substantial’ and ‘high’ - in cybersecurity certification, going from low risk to higher risk scenarios.


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