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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article23 September 20211 min read

European Heritage Days: Connecting Europe Facility projects make cultural heritage go digital


European Heritage Days are celebrated throughout September every year, in the 50 countries party to the European Cultural Convention – a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission under the slogan ‘Europe: a common heritage’. The broader aim of this action is to bring citizens together and to allow them to familiarise with our shared culture.

HaDEA supports the implementation of projects funded by the Connecting Europe Facility Programme (CEF). Some of the funded projects aim to make cultural heritage digitally accessible to everyone.

A selection of EU funded projects focused on cultural heritage:

  1. Europeana XX project focuses on the 20th century and its social, political and economical changes as documented in photographs, videos, and works of art. The project aims to expand the range of 20th century content available on Europeana. Semantic enrichment and automated translation will also make the content more accessible and discoverable for all users. Innovative editorials and user engagement formats, including podcasts, vlogs, subtitle-a-thons and pop-up exhibitions aim to capture the interest of the users. Collaboration among thematic and domain aggregators is enforced.
  2. Pagode – Europeana China project demonstrates how European and Chinese Cultures are intermingled. The project aims at ingesting in Europeana more than 10,000 new objects with Chinese-related content and improve the metadata of more than 20,000 objects already on Europeana. In this way, the project will contribute to the improvement of the accessibility and user experience in the Europeana platform.
  3. The Europeana Sport project aims to increase the amount of high-quality content and metadata accessible under the Europeana Sport collection. The project will deliver almost 24,000 new digital objects relating to sports and improve more than 5,000 existing objects on Europeana.  It will also hold a series of ten collection day events inviting the public to share their stories and memories related to sport in each of the countries in which partners are based.


Image source in article: C M on Unsplash


Publication date
23 September 2021
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  • Digital