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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article22 May 2024European Health and Digital Executive Agency2 min read

Exhibition space at IndTech 2024: industrial technologies in the spotlight

Green, grey and black degraded colors in the background with white letters. Text: Join us at INDTECH 2024 from 3-5 June!

IndTech 2024 is the EU conference on industrial technologies taking place in Namur (Belgium) between 3 and 5 June 2024, under the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU. An exhibition space will gather successful R&I projects and leading science and research organisations.

Want a flavour of what you can discover in the exhibition space? Meet the Horizon Europe projects managed by HaDEA that will show how their results support the green and digital transition:

  • HyInHeat aims to integrate hydrogen as a fuel for high-temperature industrial heating processes through efficient hydrogen combustion systems in the aluminium and steel sectors.
  • H2GLASS will create a new technology stack that glass and aluminium manufacturers can use to achieve complete hydrogen combustion.
  • H4C Community of Practice brings together two EU-funded Hubs4Cricularity projects, H4C Europe and H4C ECoP. It connects actors from industry, regions and cities, and R&D organisations who are interested in sharing knowledge, experiences, tools, and materials to progress faster towards industrial and industrial-urban symbiosis and circular value chains.
  • Flex2Energy is dedicated to supporting innovative photovoltaics by creating an integrated photovoltaics technology that is revolutionary in design.
  • BIO-SUSHY will develop innovative repellent organic and hybrid coatings, harnessing bio-based additives for advanced functionalisation as an alternative to PFASs-based coatings.
  • CAESAR will develop novel technologies for better scrap organisation and usage throughout the steel sector, decreasing CO2 emissions and energy consumption.
  • MACRAME will detect, characterise, and quantify advanced materials during their processing and product life cycle, including recycling/end-of-life, to assess the resulting impact on health and the environment.
  • CHIASMA aims to develop a new and improved Safety and Sustainable by Design Assessment framework based on innovative, in-project validated in vitro and in silico methods for the next generation of hazard- & risk assessment of chemicals and materials.
  • PINK will provide an open innovation platform supporting industry with new computational approaches for advanced materials and chemicals’ development and for assessing their safety and sustainability performances, through data and predictive models and new AI techniques.
  • M-ERA.NET and ERA-MIN3 will also be present, showcasing synergies and opportunities for regional, national and EU funding in the R&I sectors, respectively for materials and raw materials.

Do not miss the HaDEA colleagues at the European Commission’s booth, and learn more about how R&I is driving the industrial transformation in Europe and how they can get involved in shaping the future of industry.

Additionally, Open Innovation Test Beds projects, will also be featured on 5 June 2024 in the session “Open innovation test bed (OITB): A new kid on the block” at 10:15. These projects provide innovators with access to the physical facilities and services required for the development, testing and upscaling of nanotechnology and advanced materials.

Discover the full programme of the event and register now!



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22 May 2024
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