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News article7 June 2022European Health and Digital Executive Agency

Food safety in the EU: safeguarding your health

food safety day
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Safe food is essential for good health. Unsafe food containing dangerous bacteria, viruses, parasites, residues of chemicals or other contaminants can lead to diseases and poor health.

The European Commission is committed to ensuring a high level of health and food safety in the EU.

On World Food Safety Day, we shed light on the Single Market Programme – Food strand managed by HaDEA. With a budget of €1.68 billion, it implements the EU’s actions to contribute to a high level of health for humans, animals and plants.

The programme, among other actions, contributes to:
- Reducing the negative impact of animal diseases on health and food safety;
- Improving controls along the agri-food chain;
- Organising training for safer food under the Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF) initiative;
- Achieving the targets of the EU 'Farm to Fork' strategy.


The EU Single Market Programme brings together the Union actions in the fields of competitiveness of enterprises, especially SMEs, consumer protection, customers and end-users in financial services, policymaking in financial services and in the plant, animal, food and feed areas.

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7 June 2022
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