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News article30 September 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency

HaDEA's Success Stories for International Translation Day on 30 September 2023

Discover how CEF Telecom projects are breaking down language barriers. 

International Translation Day

30 September is International Translation Day. It is an occasion to spotlight the tools that facilitate the translation process and contribute to overcoming language barriers.

CEF Telecom funding helps European and national public administrations exchange information across Europe, and provides machine translation capabilities (eTranslation) that facilitates multilingualism in all EU Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs).

Successful projects

Discover two of CEF Telecom projects that have been contributing to the success of the eTranslation, the automated translation service of the EU:

  • Microservices at your Service made natural language processing (NLP) tools more accessible to a larger audience of software developers. 58 new NLP tools, covering 10 languages (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Icelandic, Faroese, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian) were made available on ELRC-SHARE in a distribution format also suitable for a wide audience of researchers and SME software/service developers. This way the project contributed to bridging the gap between NLP research and industry, increasing inclusiveness and accessibility for EU languages by making NLP tools freely and openly available on the ELRC-SHARE repository.
  • CURLICAT (Curate Multilingual Language Resources CEF AT) compiled curated datasets in seven languages (Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak and Slovenian) in domains of relevance to the European Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) with a view to enhance the Automated Translation. CURLICAT delivered a large volume of sentences and tokens from domains including culture, education, health, and science. By delivering seven large size monolingual datasets, which facilitate the improvement of the CEF Automated Translation core service platform, the project enables any interested user to access information about the relevant EU countries, including information about local companies and investment opportunities.


The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom Programme is a key EU programme to facilitate cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses and citizens, by deploying digital service infrastructures (DSIs) and broadband networks. Supported projects contribute to the creation of a European ecosystem of interoperable and interconnected digital services that sustain the Digital Single Market.


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30 September 2023
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