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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
Articolo9 maggio 2023Agenzia esecutiva europea per la salute e il digitale

Happy Europe Day! Watch our video and discover WiFi4EU hotspots near you

It's Europe day! Let’s celebrate Europe and get connected with WiFi4EU

9 May is Europe Day, let’s celebrate Europe and get connected! Whether you are travelling, working from abroad, or visiting a loved-one, you can connect to a WiFi4EU hotspot and enjoy free WiFi in public spaces such as parks, libraries, museums and town squares. There are almost 9 000 towns and villages with WiFi4EU hotspots funded by the European Union.

Watch our latest video and discover more about the WiFi4EU initiative! 


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9 maggio 2023
Agenzia esecutiva europea per la salute e il digitale
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WiFi4EU Initiative
Digital technologyDigital transformationEU financingEUFunded