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News article21 February 2022European Health and Digital Executive Agency, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety2 min read

Safer Internet Day: the Polish Safer Internet Centre fosters cross border cooperation

Safer Internet Day 2022_International Organisations

Cross border cooperation is one of the key elements implemented by Safer Internet Centres across Europe. This cooperation is implemented through the sharing and adaptation of online resources, the sharing of best practices and knowledge on better internet issues, to create a safer and better internet for children and young people.

Over the years the Polish Safer Internet Centre developed various educational resources and videos aimed at helping teachers, parents and carers, children and young people, to safely discover the online world. The resources are shared amongst the Safer Internet Centres across Europe thanks to the Better Internet for Kids platform.

In the spirit of cross border cooperation, the Polish Safer Internet Centre, in collaboration with the German Safer Internet Centre, organises annually the International Conference - Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online. This conference brings together speakers and participants from more than 30 countries, from Europe and beyond.

Discover the services of the Polish Safer Internet Centre

The Polish Safer Internet Centre was established in 2005. The centre is formed by the national research institute NASK and the Empowering Children Foundation. The centre undertakes a range of comprehensive measures for the safety of children and young people using the internet and new technologies and provides the following services:

  • An awareness centre that conducts comprehensive awareness-raising activities promoting safe and responsible use of new media by children and young people. Within the framework of awareness activities, the centre conducts educational and media campaigns, as well as periodical expert seminars. Moreover, the awareness centre prepares promotional materials and expert publications, and organises Safer Internet Day celebrations in Poland.
  • A helpline service that provides support to young people and their parents regarding harmful contact, offensive conduct and undesirable or harmful content.
  • A hotline for receiving and managing reports from the public related to illegal online child sexual abuse material.

Meet Anna Rywczyńska, Coordinator of the Polish Safer Internet Centre, and Szymon Wójcik, Coordinator of the Awareness Centre, and learn more about their work in the following video.

Polish Safer Internet Centre

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