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News article22 March 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency1 min read

World Water Day – HaDEA-managed projects' contribution to delivering drinking water, and reprocessing wastewater

International Water Day

On 22 March, Water Day is held to raise awareness on the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of this limited resource.

EU-funded research projects managed by HaDEA are delivering technologies for improved sanitation processes of urban and industrial wastewater and for removing contaminants from fresh water to preserve this vital resource.

Have a look at some of these projects:

  • WaterProof is developing a clean water cycle loop where CO2 emitted during the wastewater treatment is used to produce formic acid via an electrochemical process. During this reaction, high energy oxidants are also produced and used to remove persistent contaminants from wastewater. The energy used to run the electrochemical process is produced by an urban waste incineration facility.
  • GREENER aims to accelerate the remediation of contaminated soil, sediment or water while producing useful end-products such as bioelectricity and harmless metabolites of industrial interest. The project is using organisms with high bioremediation ability coupled with innovative bio-electrochemical technologies.
  • MEloDIZER implements high-performance membranes and modules for industrial water reuse and decentralised desalination through membrane distillation. These increase thermal efficiency and productivity, also reducing the water footprint of the distillation process. Two prototypes aim to reuse wastewater in industrial settings, and two others to produce drinking water from saline sources.

Discover more projects in last year’s article on World Water Day showcasing HaDEA-managed Horizon 2020 projects contributing to a more sustainable management of water in industry.

Background information

This year World Water Day marks the kick-off of the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York on 22-24 March. The conference is expected to conclude in the Water Action Agenda containing water-related voluntary commitments to meet global water and sanitation goals.

World Water Day UN site

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