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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
5G for Smart Communities
CEF co-funding rate
Type of project
€140.5 m
Budget 2021-2027
Awarded projects

CEF Digital supports the early deployment of 5G-based systems that enable use cases for public administrations, healthcare centres, schools and other education and training institutions, so-called socio-economic drivers.

The underlying 5G connectivity needed to enable the set-up of innovative solutions will help these public authorities and providers of services of general (economic) interest to become smarter, i.e. more efficient, resilient and able to adapt according to the evolving citizens’ needs, the environment, the local economy and society at large.

Projects funded under the 5G for Smart Communities Calls aim to:

  • Deploy 5G infrastructures capable of delivering leading-edge connectivity such as Gigabit performance, high-user-density, ubiquitous coverage, low latency and reliability.
  • Bundle the deployed 5G networks with a cloud-to-edge middleware stack capable of supporting the data-intensive use cases and applications required by the involved socio-economic drivers, where necessary.

By supporting local innovations that are enabled by 5G systems, the projects will provide blueprints of digital innovation that can be replicated across Europe.

CEF funding for 5G for smart communities is expected to accelerate the take-up of 5G connectivity for the provision of innovative services and contribute to a wider deployment and take up of 5G at the same time.

How to participate

Project consortia should consist of minimum two entities:

  • A mobile network operator.
  • A public authority/provider of services of general (economic) interest with whom the use cases will be developed.

Open calls are published on the Funding & Tenders Portal and more details are available in the Call text.

Awarded projects

Browse EU-funded projects on the Funding & Tenders portal and get inspired.

5G for Smart Communities


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