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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
Quantum communication infrastructure (EuroQCI)
CEF co-funding rate
Type of project
€90 m
Budget 2021-2027

CEF Digital funds quantum communication infrastructure interconnections, aiming at building an integrated satellite and terrestrial system spanning the entire European Union for ultra-secure exchange of cryptographic keys. This will help keep the EU’s government data and critical infrastructure safe.

The EuroQCI will provide an unprecedented way of securing communications and data, integrating innovative and secure quantum products and systems into conventional communication infrastructures, by enhancing them with an additional layer of security based on quantum physics, i.e. quantum key distribution. It will use existing and new technologies developed and manufactured in the EU.

CEF Digital funding will:

  • Enable reliable and resilient transmission of sensitive communications and data between public authorities, research entities and critical infrastructures in EU countries.
  • Boost Europe’s capabilities to develop quantum-secure optical telecommunication networks and to secure its critical public infrastructures.
  • Promote quantum-based secure networks and emergence of a new ecosystem that would enable a large market uptake.

More Information

Legal and Policy background (European Commission – DG CNECT)