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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)

Better Training for Safer Food initiative

Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF) is a training initiative of the European Commission, which has the objective to improve the knowledge and implementation of EU rules covering food safety and plant and animal health based on the 'One Health' approach*.

HaDEA is implementing the BTSF initiative to:

Maintain a high level of consumer protection and food safety, animal health and welfare and plant health;

  • Promote a harmonised and efficient approach to the operation of EU and national control systems;
  • Create an level playing field for all food business operators;
  • Enhance the trade of safe food, animals and plants and their products;
  • Ensure fair trade with non-EU countries and, in particular, developing countries.

* The 'One Health' approach is a multi-level, multi-sectoral and transdisciplinary approach to health which recognises the interconnection between people, animals, plants and the environment.


BTSF ACADEMY is the online learning platform for training courses designed under BTSF. These are organised in EU and non-EU countries.

Training in EU countries 

Ensuring uniform controls protects both consumers and the internal market. BTSF complements the national-level training on performing control duties that is offered by national authorities, by providing courses that focus on issues of special interest to the EU and that bring EU-added value to more local efforts.

Training is designed for staff of competent authorities involved in official control activities to keep them up to date with all aspects of Union law in the areas specified above and to ensure that controls are carried out in a uniform, objective and satisfactory manner.

Training in non-EU countries

Better understanding of EU requirements helps authorities in non-EU countries to improve controls and get their products to the EU market.

Appropriate training organised for Member States in the EU may also be open to participants from non-EU countries and specific training courses are also organised for non-EU participants on the spot.

BTSF non-EU courses are also aimed at food producers and farmers, as well as governmental officials. The programmes include activities on two main themes: food safety and plant health; and animal health and welfare. They address three world regions: Africa and the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries; South and Central America and the Caribbean; and Asia and the Pacific.

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