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News article29 July 20201 min read

DEEP SEAS project published articles in scientific journals

The DEEP SEAS - Developing and Extending Evidence and Practice from the Standard European Alcohol Survey contract was launched in 2018 to reduce alcohol-related harm in the EU by implementing four main tasks:

  1. perform continuous analysis and evaluation of data collected by the first wave of Standardised European Alcohol Survey in 2015-2016 (task 1);
  2. implement the second wave of the Standardised European Alcohol Survey in 2018/2019 (task 2);
  3. support the Member States' capacity building in the area of control on alcohol marketing and advertising, taxation of alcoholic beverages, EU Common Agricultural Policy and alcohol related harm, inequalities and alcohol related harm, as well as alcohol consumption and nutrition (task 3); and
  4. prepare a pilot implementation of brief interventions in local alcohol policies as a validated best practice, including awareness raising at the level of national and local authorities and stakeholders (task 4).


Unrecorded alcohol consumption in seven European Union countries

How attitudes toward alcohol policies differ across European countries: evidence from the Standardized European Alcohol Survey (SEAS).

Alcohol Use and Cancer in the European Union.

Why is per capita consumption underestimated in alcohol surveys? Results from 39 surveys in 23 European countries.

Alcohol use in times of the COVID 19: Implications for monitoring and policy.


Publication date
29 July 2020