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PDAC 2023 – HaDEA projects at the mineral exploration and mining convention

PDAC 23 updated

PDAC 2023, taking place on 5-8 March, is an annual convention in Toronto (Canada) on mineral exploration and mining fields.

HaDEA projects will be present at the EU booth and in a Research and Innovation workshop to showcase their successful results.

Meet the participating projects managed by HaDEA:

  • EIS aims to increase Europe’s long-term self-sufficiency of critical raw materials (CRM) by developing new data analysis methods – applying AI, machine learning, deep learning into mineral prospectivity mapping, together with new geo-models and mineral systems modelling.
  • Goldeneye implements a unique combination of remote sensing and positioning technologies, exploiting Earth observation and Earth global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) data. The platform allows satellites, drones and in-situ sensors to collect high-resolution data of the entire mine, which can be processed and converted into actionable intelligence for safety, environmental monitoring and overall productivity.
  • illuMINEation’s goal is to develop a robust, dependable, multi-level distributed, industrial IoT platform that provides the physical mining world with smart data processing and novel visualisation capabilities.
  • NETHELIX applies a toolbox of new technologies to automate and streamline the extraction process in real life settings, taking advantage of deposits through mining and waste deposits processing methods. Their solution maximises efficiency, reduces waste production, and increases environmental and human health and safety.
  • NEXGEN-SIMS follows the scale-up of promising digital technologies promoting sustainability in the mining industry. The new technologies will increase productivity, contribute to securing the existing raw materials production and future supply by unlocking access to unexploited resources.
  • ROBOMINERS developed an innovative approach to small mineral deposits or those with difficult access by using a robot miner. This covers both abandoned and flooded mines, or places that have formerly been explored but whose exploitation was considered as non-viable.
  • SEMACRET will develop sustainable exploration means for orthomagmatic Critical Raw Materials. SEMACRET will generate improved ore models for orthomagmatic mineral deposits which will be translated to mappable exploration criteria to delineate areas of high exploration potential.

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