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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)

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HaDEA is looking for new experts to assess the project proposals submitted under the CEF Digital calls.

Expert fields

5G, Connected and Automated Mobility, Edge Computing, ICT infrastructure, Digital Transition, Fibre Communication, Backbone Networks, Cloud federations and infrastructures, DNS, Submarine Cables, Broadband, Digital Platforms, and Cybersecurity.

What's in it for you?

The expert assignment offers you:

  • New 'EU stamped' experience on your CV
  • Enhanced employability through more diverse knowledge of the EU funding programmes
  • Great networking opportunities with peers and representatives from the EU institutions
  • An overview on the latest developments in major projects that will shape the future of European digital infrastructure


The selected experts will assess the project proposals submitted for the CEF calls.

Experts will be called to evaluate the project proposals against award criteria as published in the call text. Guidance on how to assess each individual criterion is provided by HaDEA.

Experts should also have appropriate language skills in English for the tasks to be carried out.

Evaluations of the project proposals will be conducted both remotely and in Brussels. If selected, you will be able to indicate your availability to come to Brussels during the weeks indicated in the 'availability check' survey which will be circulated only to those experts which have registered in the database and ticked the "CEF" and relevant expertise box.

Evaluators cannot under any circumstances have a conflict of interest with any of the organisations submitting a project proposal. You will have to sign a declaration on confidentiality and absence of a conflict of interest before you can read the proposals.

HaDEA needs CEF call evaluators for several calls that opened 2022 and beyond. If you want to be considered, register as soon as possible in the expert database.

Application process Register in the European Commission's expert database.

Make sure to:

  • Choose the CEF programme in the Programme Selection section
  • Add any other keywords best describing your expertise and background
  • Add your email address so that you may be contacted
  • Apply as soon as possible
  • Do not send emails to the Agency - the expert database is the only way to be selected as an independent expert! Take a look at the manual for experts for more information.