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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
Digital Europe Programme

Aiming to build the strategic digital capacities of the EU and to facilitate the wide deployment of digital technologies


The Digital Europe Programme aims to build the strategic digital capacities of the EU and to facilitate the wide deployment of digital technologies. With an overall budget of €7.5 billion, out of which €0,8 billion is managed by HaDEA, the programme will support investments in the following sectors: 

  • Supercomputing: build up EU’s supercomputing and data processing capacities by buying world-class exascale supercomputers by 2022/2023 and post exascale facilities by 2026/2027; increase accessibility and broaden the use of supercomputing in areas of public interest;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): support the use of AI by business and public administration; set up a European data space for safe access to/storage of large datasets and trustworthy, energy efficient cloud infrastructure; support AI testing and experimentation facilities in areas such as health and mobility, and encourage cooperation among Member States;
  • Cybersecurity: foster coordination between Member States tools and data infrastructures; support the wide deployment of the cybersecurity capacities across the economy; boost optical communications and cybersecurity through Quantum Communication Infrastructures; reinforce skills and capabilities within Member States and the private sector for a uniformly high level of security of network and information systems;
  • Advanced digital skills: support the design and delivery of programmes and traineeships for the future experts in areas like data and AI, cybersecurity, quantum, HPC; support the upskilling of existing workforce through trainings on the latest developments in key areas;
  • Wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society: support high impact deployments in areas of public interest (e.g. health, Green Deal, smart communities, culture); strengthen the network of European Digital Innovation Hubs; support the uptake of advanced digital technologies by the industry and SMEs; support public administration and industry to deploy/access state of-the-art digital technologies (such as blockchain) and build trust in the digital transformation.

The role of HADEA

HaDEA manages actions under Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Digital Skills and Wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society (deployment, best use of digital capacities and interoperability).

Digital Europe Programme will play a key role in the acceleration of the economic recovery and drive the digital transformation of Europe. It will also help Europe to remain globally competitive and strategically autonomous, and to shape the way new technologies reflect our needs and values.