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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
WiFi4EU hotspots available across Europe
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The WiFi4EU initiative promotes free Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens and visitors in public spaces throughout Europe.

Funded by the CEF Telecom programme, the initiative was open to municipalities from all EU countries and participating EEA countries (Norway and Iceland). Using the services of local Wi-Fi installation companies, the selected municipalities are receiving vouchers worth €15 000 each to install Wi-Fi hotspots in the "centres of local public life".

Thanks to WiFi4EU, people can now enjoy free high-speed Wi-Fi access in various public spaces, including parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, and museums in towns, villages, and cities.

WiFi4EU hotspots are:

✅ free of charge,
✅ free of data harvesting, and
✅ free of advertisements.

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