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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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5G coverage along transport corridors - Studies


Publication date
17 October 2023 in!hWCgTF
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
20 February 2024, 17:00 (CET)
Programme Sector
  • Digital
  • Connecting Europe Facility 2
  • Digital technology
  • Digital transformation
  • EU financing
  • Proposals


This topic targets preparatory actions in view of foreseen deployment projects that support investments in challenging areas, where market forces alone will not deliver 5G services with the necessary quality of service.

Combining several deployment projects for the same or different calls, e.g., combined by region, is encouraged in this call.

The studies should deliver the following elements:

  • Location of the corridor, including the different cross-border sections
  • Full network planning including the spectrum bands used or enabled
  • Detailed definition of use cases and service requirements along the corridor allowing for business continuity across borders
  • Concrete deliverables enabling to specify and financially quantify the investment required for infrastructure deployment, including coverage and service capabilities, use of existing infrastructure (backhauling including fibre, power, buildings and other constructions for co-location, ground space and other associated facilities and services)
  • detailed plan on the proposed means deployed to enable uninterrupted service provision along the funded section of corridors, where relevant, the supporting coordination mechanisms/arrangements, in particular regarding spectrum management and numbering. This includes a description of the scenario(s) and processes to guarantee a network hand-over meeting targeted CAM service requirements
  • Cost calculation and a cost-benefit analysis to identify economically viable and non-viable sections of the corridor where CEF-funding of 5G connectivity infrastructure deployment would be needed and justified according to the guidance set forth by the Commission in its Work Programme
  • Timeline of the work plan for deployment of subsequent works (finalisation of network planning, permit requests, preparation of works, works, testing, service launch)
  • Network upgrade plans according to an evolutionary path enabling a densification of radio networks that would allow moving towards higher levels of automation, if possible up to full automation (e.g., level 5 in automotive)
  • Definition of cooperation model(s) between the different members of the consortium outlining the roles and responsibilities of each involved party in the deployment project, including financing, ownership, infrastructure deployment, network sharing agreements – if any, network operations and commercial service provision
  • Identification of financing solutions for subsequent phases (based on the roadmap described above) possibly using a mix of grants and loans, e.g., under a potential CEF Digital blending facility

Please consult the call document for more information on the scope, including digital security requirements.