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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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5G for Smart Communities - Works


Publication date
12 October 2022 in Funding & tenders portal
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
21 March 2023, 17:00 (CET)
Programme Sector
  • Digital
  • Connecting Europe Facility 2
  • Digital technology
  • Digital transformation
  • EUFunded
  • Proposals


The aim of this call is to support the early deployment of 5G-based systems that enable use cases for certain socio-economic drivers (SEDs). Within the context of this call, the targeted SEDs are public authorities exercising public powers and public or private entities entrusted with the operation of services of general interest (SGIs) or services of general economic interest (SGEIs).

For guidance on whether a service is of general interest or general economic interest, please consult the Call document.

Projects funded under this call are expected to:

  • Deploy 5G infrastructures capable of delivering leading-edge connectivity with characteristics (such as Gigabit performance, high-user-density, ubiquitous coverage, capacity to connect IoT devices, low latency and reliability) that are capable of supporting innovative ways of improving the provision of public services and SGIs or SGEIs;
  • Where necessary, bundle the deployed 5G networks with a cloud-to-edge middleware stack capable of supporting the data-intensive use cases and applications required by the involved SEDs.

The call aims to support 5G best practices beacons in different sectors that can serve as templates for possible replication with other resources, national or EU, or under other programmes (in particular RRF).

These projects are indirectly expected to demonstrate the potential capabilities and benefits of 5G networks and therefore stimulate the wider and faster deployment and take up of 5G across Europe. Projects will also contribute to provide the foundation for the development of “lead markets” for 5G and cloud-to-edge systems, eventually relying on technologies and standards developed under other EU programmes, in particular the Digital Europe Programme and Horizon Europe.

Projects using open, disaggregated and interoperable technology solutions and which allow the emergence of a European ecosystem of 5G suppliers are encouraged.


The CEF funding will cover the deployment of 5G infrastructure elements required to implement innovative use-cases by public authorities and SGI/SGEI providers. Proposals funded under the call are expected to rely on performance characteristics of the 5G technology that are indispensable to implement one or more use cases allowing the concerned public authority or SGI/SGEI provider(s) to deliver new or more efficient services.

CEF funding will support the network infrastructure elements of the project, both active (5G radio equipment) and passive (when the installation and connection of additional base stations is necessary).