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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Multiple Framework Contract in Cascade for Performing Independent Assessments and Evaluations of European Reference Networks and of Healthcare Providers


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Programme Sector
  • Health
  • EU4Health
  • HealthUnion
  • Public health
  • Tendering


The purpose of the framework contract is to hire economic operators for performing independent assessments or evaluations of European reference networks (ERNs) and healthcare providers (HCPs). For both assessments and evaluations processes, the service providers will have to conduct:

  • Documentation reviews of ERNs networks, including online interviews;
  • Documentation reviews of HCPs for both general and specific criteria;
  • Onsite audits (if needed online audits) of ERNs and HCPs;
  • Final technical reports.

The service providers will be requested also to conduct assessments based on ‘eligibility criteria’ and to set up an online support system to provide information to the applicant HCPs. In addition, for ERNs evaluations, the economic operator will provide final evaluation reports.

Budget: €10 million

Duration of the contract: 48 months

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