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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Service Contract to Identify Obstacles to Vaccination of Physical, Practical or Administrative Nature and Develop Recommendations


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The main objective of this tender is to support EU Member States in overcoming obstacles to vaccination:

1. carry out a mapping of vaccination services in all EU Member States to identify obstacles to vaccination of physical, practical and administrative nature;

2. assess, on the basis of a large-scale survey among EU citizens in all EU Member States and a survey among health professionals in EU Member States, to what extent these obstacles have a negative impact on vaccination coverage rates;

3. identify, on the basis of criteria developed by the Commission, best practices developed by EU Member States to overcome such obstacles;

4. organise onsite-visits to the EU Member States from which best practices have been identified, for the other EU Member States to learn about those

5. pilot best practices in volunteering EU Member States; and

6. develop final recommendations for overcoming obstacles to vaccination of physical, practical and administrative nature.


Estimated total value 5 250 000.00 EUR

Duration of the contract: 36 months

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