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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article25 May 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency2 min read

2023 Digital Government Summit – discover how CEF Telecom projects contribute to digitalisation

2023 Digital Government Summit. Discover CEF Telecom projects contributing to digitalisation and the deployment of digital cross-borders public services!

Today, 2023 Digital Government Summit is taking place in Brussels.  It aims at discussing the best practices and ideas centred around digital government and at showcasing its benefits for citizens and public services. HaDEA plays an important role in implementing projects focusing on digitalisation and deployment of secure and effective digital cross-border public services in different areas.

Some examples of projects implemented under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom are listed below:

  • LOD-RoadTran18 improved the cross-border and cross-domain re-use of traffic information by including traffic open data and by incorporating links to other relevant thematic datasets on the internet, which will allow services for querying the connected data belonging to different countries and sectors (transport, geospatial, environmental, weather, etc.). This way, the project contributes to the deployment of both the Single European Transport Area and the Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI).
  • DYDAS (DYnamic Data Analytics Services) contributed to the European data infrastructure by improving the sharing and re-use of public and private data through the set-up of a dedicated platform. The platform enables public and industry sectors to benefit from large scale data analytics and fosters the sharing and re-use of public and private data/information in a secure environment, through innovative monetisation mechanisms and smart city services to citizens (B2C).
  • GO-PEG (Generation of cross border Pan European Geospatial Datasets and Services) provided access to harmonised thematic open dataset(s) and their corresponding metadata in the areas of environment, emergency, and disaster management.
  • YODA (Your Open DAta) provides data to European citizens  allowing them to create personalised dashboards containing useful and real-time information from European cities as regards public-rental bicycle system, information on events such as occupancy status and parking availability. It also foresees the option of providing personalised results and predictions of selected services.  
  • The Federated eTranslation Termbank Network  facilitated the provision of language tools, and in particular to CEF Automated Translation through ELRC-SHARE. The Federated eTranslation TermBank Network allows organisations and institutions in EU Member States to locally deploy individual eTranslation TermBank federated nodes, which are linked to the central federated node (eTranslation TermBank) and regularly synchronise terminology changes. The eTranslation TermBank in turn is linked to ELRC-SHARE and regularly updates terminological resources in the repository, thereby ensuring currentness of terminological data. The tool covers all EU official languages including Norwegian and Icelandic. The open Terminology Management Toolkit was made available to the Member States and CEF affiliated countries and their administrations for deployment of their local terminological platforms and for the use of selected cloud solutions.


The first generation of the Connecting Europe Facility ‘Telecom’ (2014-2020) facilitated the cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses and citizens, by deploying Digital Service Infrastructures (DSI) and broadband networks.

The CEF support to digital technologies will be continued and further developed in the next multiannual financial framework (2021-2027) under the Digital Europe Programme.


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