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News article7 September 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency

7 September - International Day of Police Cooperation: discover how HaDEA-managed projects are cooperating with law enforcement authorities to enhance internet safety

7 September is International Day of Police Cooperation. Under the Digital Europe Programme, HaDEA is managing Safer Internet projects that are providing information, advice and assistance to children, young people, parents, teachers, and carers on internet safety.

Today is the UN International Day of the International Day of Police Cooperation. The day aims to recognise the role played by national police and law enforcement, and to enhance international cooperation.

Under the Digital Europe Programme, HaDEA is managing Safer Internet projects that are providing information, advice and assistance to children, young people, parents, teachers, and careers on internet safety.

The national Safer Internet Centres (SICs) cooperate with the national police and law enforcement authorities in their work to raise awareness of online safety and of potential risks that children and young people may encounter online, as well as in their fight against online child sexual abuse.

Discover some of the projects and their contributions below:

  • The Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre, BEE SECURE, maintains a close and effective cooperation with the Luxembourg National Police and Public Prosecutor's Office to assure the national hotline activities. This continuous partnership is mainly strengthened by a half-yearly exchange of information, where current developments, trends and news in sensitive areas such as CSAM, racism and terrorism are shared. In parallel, the prevention departments of the Luxembourg Police are continuously engaged in the BEE SECURE awareness raising activities and events.
  • The Portuguese Safer Internet Centre promotes a safer and better use of the internet and mobile technologies among children and young people. As part of their awareness work, the SIC has partnered with the “School Security Program” (Programa Escola Segura), implemented by both law enforcement agencies in Portugal. The initiative aims at promoting safety and preventing risky situations within schools.
  • The Slovenian Safer Internet Centre is the national project promoting and ensuring a better internet for kids. The Slovenian hotline for reporting child sexual abuse material, Spletno oko, and the national police have jointly organised 12 annual editions of the Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Online, aiming to enhance understanding and practical handling of child sexual abuse online. Police representatives frequently participate in the conferences by delivering lectures and engaging as attendees in round table discussions. The hotline and the police hold regular meetings focused on devising effective strategies to combat online child sexual abuse in Slovenia.

Over the past years, the police have consistently supported the Slovenian SIC by aiding in the development of manuals, including a specialised handbook for professionals in social work centres dealing with online violence and child abuse


The resolution International Day of Police Cooepration adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations emphasises ‘the need to strengthen international cooperation at the global, regional and sub regional levels in various areas related to preventing and combating transnational crime, in particular transnational organised crime, and preventing and countering terrorism.’

The Digital Europe Programme aims to build the strategic digital capacities of the EU and to facilitate the wide deployment of digital technologies. With an overall budget of €7.5 billion, out of which €0.8 billion is managed by HaDEA, the programme will support investments in the following sectors:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Cloud, data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Advanced digital skills
  • Accelerating best use of technologies


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7 September 2023
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