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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article9 July 2024European Health and Digital Executive Agency1 min read

CEF Highlight of the Month: pioneering the uninterrupted 5G connectivity in EU cross-border areas

Imagine seamless 5G connectivity that allows you to travel and work on the move, drive (semi)automatically, form convoys of connected vehicles, or utilise mission-critical services as you cross the borders between EU countries. 

The CEF Digital Programme, under the 5G Corridors topic, funds actions across Europe reaching beyond these use cases while contributing to the EC’s objectives on Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) for 2030. CEF funded projects are already deploying passive and active infrastructure necessary to provide uninterrupted 5G connectivity along key transport routes. This infrastructure is crucial for facilitating advanced use cases that require low latency, maximum security and performance. 

The first tangible results of these initiatives are live demonstrations that highlight the benefits 5G Corridors could bring to people, whose daily lives are becoming more mobile than ever.


5G SEAGUL – A CEF-Digital funded action targeting the deployment of a 5G network along the Greek and Bulgarian border highways to support Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) services.

The first ever demonstration in Europe of uninterrupted 5G connectivity for real-world usage scenarios, utilising commercial networks, took place on 24 April at the Greek-Bulgarian border, in the presence of representatives from both countries and HaDEA.

High-quality and uninterrupted roaming was presented, including voice calls, data services such as video calls via OTT applications (Viber, WhatsApp) and entertainment services such as live video streaming. Furthermore, two 5G CAM services were presented: one about real-time traffic situation awareness to support safe driving, and one for easy, safe, and sustainable transportation of goods.


The 5G SEAGUL project is pioneering the extensive 5G coverage along more than 450 kilometres of the Sofia-Thessaloniki-Athens Road road corridor, which meets the increasing needs for CAM services. The realisation of the uninterrupted 5G connectivity demonstrates, through intensive testing and in real conditions, the seamless roaming for basic/complex mobile services and CAM services, which in the future will facilitate the safe circulation of autonomous, connected, or self-driving vehicles on European highways.

Connected and automated mobility will act as a catalyst for the improvement of road safety, the optimisation of road traffic, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the industrial competitiveness of both the transport and mobility sectors in Europe.


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9 July 2024
European Health and Digital Executive Agency
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