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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article14 June 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency2 min read

DataWeek 2023 - meet HaDEA-managed projects working on digital services

Data Week 2023

The DataWeek is an annual event that gathers the European Big Data and Data Driven AI research and innovation communities. Taking place in Luleå, Sweden, on 13-15 June, the upcoming DataWeek revolves around the theme "Data Meets Infrastructure at the Edge".

Comprising panel discussions, presentations and speeches, the event aims to foster synergies, forge new collaborations, and uncover fresh challenges and recommendations.

Discover two EU-funded projects managed by HaDEA participating in the event:

CODECO aims is to contribute to a smoother and more flexible support of services across the Edge-Cloud continuum via the creation of a novel, cognitive Edge-Cloud management framework. It is developing an ecosystem of open-source toolkits, large-scale experimentation, training tools and events, use-cases across 4 vertical domains (Smart Cities, Energy, Manufacturing, Smart Buildings), and multiple events integrated into a unique Innovation and Research Community Engagement Programme.

On 14 June, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., Project Coordinator and Dr Rizkallah Touma, will participate in the session "Building a Cognitive Cloud-Edge Continuum for Next-Generation Data Processing Applications."

DataCloud aims to create a toolbox of approaches and tools for data processing with a focus on digital marketing, media, electronic healthcare, and manufacturing. The project has delivered five business cases, with technical and market requirements. The toolbox and business cases are currently being tested and will be operational by 2024.

On 13 June, between 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., it is co-organising the session “Are current infrastructures suitable for extreme data processing? Technologies for data management.


Background information

DataWeek 2023 is co-organised by Big Data Value Association and the EUHubs4Data project in collaboration with the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE).

Data Week 2023 approaches the topics from the angles of technology, research, policy and society, bringing the perspectives of the whole ecosystem together. The European Research and Innovation projects have an opportunity to present their findings and celebrate their achievements. Like in previous years, the i-Spaces members of EUHubs4Data have a special role in the Data Week 2023, as they’re organizing events on-site at regional level as part of the programme. These 3 local events led by ITI, EURECAT and EGI will take place in different countries and will focus on share with their ecosystems topics aligned with the tracks of the main event.

Horizon 2020 was the EU’s multiannual funding programme between 2014 and 2020. H2020 provided Research and Innovation (R&I) funding for multi-national collaboration projects alongside individual researchers and SMEs via special funding instruments. Horizon 2020 was replaced by the Horizon Europe Programme, which will run until 2027.


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