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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article8 September 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency

Discover how HaDEA-managed projects contribute to the implementation of State of the Union initiatives: Global Gateway

HaDEA signed 13 grant agreements for a total of 81.9 million euros to support the deployment of strategic backbone networks.

Image of Ursula Von der Leyen with quote: "We will build Global Gateway partnerships with countries around the world".
Global Gateway

Every September, the President of the European Commission takes the spotlight before the European Parliament to reflect on the EU's achievements and challenges and to present the Commission's policy priorities for the year ahead. The State of the Union (SOTEU) speech allows for a discussion of the Union's direction and priorities among EU institutions, member states, and the public. It is also an occasion to review which initiatives were successfully delivered and in which tangible progress has been made over the last year.

As part of its mandate, HaDEA has been managing projects contributing to several key policy initiatives announced in the previous SOTEU addresses. One of them is Global Gateway partnerships announced in the 2021.

Funding under CEF Digital

As part of the Global Gateway Strategy of the EU, CEF Digital supports deployment of strategic backbone networks such as submarine cables connecting EU territories and outermost regions, and overseas countries and territories.

Under the CEF Digital programme, a total of €389 million has been earmarked for the deployment of such networks. In 2022, HaDEA signed 13 grant agreements for a total of 81.9 million euros.

Once completed, these projects will:  

  • enhance the coverage, quality, and resilience of Europe's backbone networks;
  • will lead to better pricing for connectivity services, benefiting both citizens and network operators.
Digital Global Gateways call 1 results:
  • Grant Agreements: 13
  • Geographical coverage: 10 European countries (Portugal, Ireland, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria), connecting to two OCTs and Outermost regions (Greenland and the Canary Islands) and four third countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, and Norway).
  • Total cost: €148.6 million
  • Total EU funding: of €81.9 million
  • Co-funding rate: 30-70 %
  • Project categories:
    • 7 studies: preparatory work required prior to signing a contract with a supplier, such as marine ground surveys for submarine cables and application for required permits.
    • 6 works: deployment of backbone connectivity for routes that will improve connectivity or add redundancy.
  • Beneficiaries: operators, utilities, authorities, investors, or entities supplying hardware (including cables, equipment, devices) or systems (including software) from the European Union, owned and controlled by EU entities.
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