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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article2 February 2024European Health and Digital Executive Agency2 min read

HaDEA’s Success Stories at European Open-Source Policy Summit and FOSDEM 2024

Open source and FOSDEM - HaDEA's Success stories

The 2024 EU Open-Source Policy Summit, is taking place on 2 February at the KVS, the Royal Flemish Theatre. It is the 10th anniversary on this annual summit as the world’s largest assembly of policymakers, Open-Source businesses, community members, developers, foundations, and experts engaged in digital policy.

Since 2013, FOSDEM takes place right-after the EU Open-Source Policy Summit where over 5 000 software developers meet to share ideas and collaborate at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Three Horizon Europe projects are participating in both events. Find below their schedule for FOSDEM:

3 February

Mr. Alberto P. Marti and Pr. Rubén S. Montero, representing SovereignEdge.COGNIT , will present the R&D activities of the project at FOSDEM. Pr. Montero will participate in the session:

Mr. Foivos Zakkak and Pr. Thanos Stratikopoulos, AERO’s representatives, will participate in two sessions explaining the project objectives and expected deliverables:

4 February

Mr. Nick Kossifidis is representing RISER at both events. He will present the project during the session:

The livestreaming of all the sessions will appear on this page during the conference. 

The Projects

  • SovereignEdge.COGNIT is establishing a new distributed function-as-a-service (FaaS) paradigm for edge application management and smart orchestration. This AI-powered adaptive serverless framework will provide secure and portable access to a continuous data processing environment that abstracts the large-scale, geo-distributed, and low-latency capabilities provided by the cloud-edge continuum.
  • AERO aims to complement the efforts of the EPI project by developing the open-source software ecosystem required to not only improve the efficiency of the EPI hardware but also accelerate and ease the processor's integration into the cloud.
  • RISER is developing the first all-European RISC-V cloud server infrastructure, significantly enhancing Europe’s open strategic autonomy. The project is working on open-source designs for standardised form-factor system platforms that will be suitable for supporting cloud services and deploying cloud applications.


Horizon 2020 was the EU’s multiannual funding programme between 2014 and 2020. H2020 provided Research and Innovation (R&I) funding for multi-national collaboration projects alongside individual researchers and SMEs via special funding instruments. Horizon 2020 is succeeded by the Horizon Europe Programme, which will run until 2027.


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