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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article1 July 2022European Health and Digital Executive Agency1 min read

Investing more than €200M in Space Research

space calls evaluation
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The evaluation of the 129 proposals submitted under the Horizon Europe Space Research 2021 & 2022 calls has been completed.

Over € 200 million in grants will be awarded to projects in 22 topics to reinforce the EU’s independent capacity to access space, and secure the autonomy of supply for critical technologies and equipment.

Topics of both calls included:

  • On-orbit operations and transportation;
  • Low-cost access to space;
  • Copernicus and climate change innovations;
  • Electric propulsion;
  • Space science and weather.

For the 2021 call, 21 proposals have been selected and will receive €135.9 million.

For the 2022 call, 24 proposals have been selected and will receive €86.1 million.

HaDEA will sign grant agreements by mid-October 2022.

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Publication date
1 July 2022
European Health and Digital Executive Agency
Programme Sector
  • Space
  • Horizon Europe Cluster 4: Space
  • EUFunded
  • Innovation
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