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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article11 May 2021

Last CEF Telecom call awarded more than €38.6 million in EU funding for accelerating the digitalisation of Europe

The evaluation results of the last CEF Telecom call for proposals (CEF-TC-2020-2), has concluded., and an impressive 85 projects have been selected to receive co-funding by the European Union. The successful projects come from the 27 EU Member States, Norway and the United Kingdom, and will support the following Digital Services Infrastructures (DSI):

  • Business Register Interconnection System (BRIS) - 4 proposals from organisations from 3 EU Member States and one EEA country will receive funding of approximately €600,000.
  • Cybersecurity – almost €11 million will be awarded to 22 selected proposals from 17 EU Member States and one EEA country.
  • eArchiving – 4 proposals from 10 EU Member States and one EEA country will be granted approximately €800,000.
  • eHealth – 24 proposals from 9 EU Member States and one EEA country will receive around €5 million.
  • eProcurement – 4 proposals from 6 EU Member States and one EEA country will be granted €3 million.
  • European Digital Media Observatory – over €11 million will be granted to 8 proposals from 16 EU Member States and two EEA countries.
  • European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs –14 proposals with beneficiaries from 14 EU Member States will receive €1.5 million.
  • Public Open Data – over €5.6 million will be granted to 5 proposals with applicants from 7 EU Member States.

The list of projects selected for funding is available here.

The newly created Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) will now begin the preparation of the individual grant agreements with the successful applicants. Moreover, it will continue to manage and follow up the technical and financial implementation of the CEF Telecom projects, providing technical expertise and high quality programme implementation.

Background on CEF Telecom

CEF Telecom funding is dedicated to Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) delivering networked cross-border services for citizens, businesses and public administrations. Supported projects will contribute to improving the competitiveness of the European economy, promoting the interconnection and interoperability of national, regional and local networks and access to these networks, thus supporting the development of a Digital Single Market.

Since the launch of the programme, nearly €400 million of CEF Funding have been awarded to more than 700 projects, including the new 85 successful projects of the last call. Of these actions, over 280 projects are completed, demonstrating the CEF Telecom programme’s capacity to deliver concrete benefits to citizens, businesses and administrations across the EU.

Support to advanced digital skills, Cyber security and data reuse is foreseen to continue under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP), which aims to build the strategic digital capacities of the EU and to facilitate the wide deployment of digital technologies. DEP will play a key role in the acceleration of the digital transformation of Europe. It will also help Europe to remain globally competitive and strategically autonomous, and to shape the way new technologies reflect our needs and values.


Publication date
11 May 2021