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News article9 June 2022European Health and Digital Executive Agency

Meet the H2020 projects managed by HaDEA participating at the New European Bauhaus Festival

New European Bauhaus Festival

The New European Bauhaus Festival takes place in Brussels from 9 to 12 June and brings together European citizens to address societal challenges, debate and shape a beautiful and sustainable future.

The Festival is at its first edition and it is an opportunity to gather exhibitions, artistic performances, conferences, and seminars. The event comprises a Fest a Fair, and a Forum that are planned in both live and online formats.

The Fest includes events and projects you can visit and participate in both online and across different locations.

The Fair consists of a live exhibition (including virtual reality, 3D, and live interaction) across Brussels to showcase current and future projects (some online), along with opportunities to meet, interact and exchange ideas.

The Forum consists of a series of debates building on the key themes of the New European Bauhaus (on green transition, architecture, R&I, culture, education and much more).

The projects participating

Three projects funded under Horizon 2020 and managed by HaDEA are participating. Discover what they work on and what they have achieved so far:

  • Metabuilding Labs: aims to build a competitive, sustainable, and inclusive European Construction Sector Innovation Ecosystem and Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB), on top of stimulating investments in new technologies and enhancing technical and environmental quality of building products in Europe. Meet them at the fair!
  • ReSHEALience: has developed a super-resilient, self-healing, low carbon next-generation type of concrete: Ultra High Durability Concrete (UHDC). The benefits of UHDC include:
    • Increasing significantly the durability of concrete to decrease maintenance and reduce consumption of resources.
    • Quantifying and predicting the durability of UHDC structures in different service conditions when subjected to Extremely Aggressive Exposures (EAE). ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Meet them at the fair!
  • AVANGARD: works on new concepts to manufacture innovative battery packs and urban electric vehicles such as I-Bikes and I-CARS. As the urban mobility market is entering an era of rapid transformation and disruption, AVANGARD is innovating its business models, supply chain and IPR management. The project is implementing a hybrid public-private Blockchain platform where the public chain increases security through distributed consensus and validation, paving the way for novel forms of collaborative distributed manufacturing amongst different EU regions. Meet them at the fair!

Background information

Horizon 2020 (H2020) was the EU’s multiannual funding programme between 2014 and 2020. H2020 provided Research and Innovation (R&I) funding for multi-national collaboration projects as well as for individual researchers and SMEs via special funding instruments. Horizon 2020 is being followed up by the Horizon Europe programme, which will run until 2027.


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9 June 2022
European Health and Digital Executive Agency
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