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News article26 November 2021European Health and Digital Executive Agency, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety

Official kick-off of the Joint Action on mental health promotion

On 23-24November 2021, the first official meeting of the Joint Action on Implementation of Best Practices in the area of Mental Health (JA ImpleMENTAL) took place.

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European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides took part in the meeting and  highlighted the importance of this action: “Mental health problems were already a great cause of concern before 2020, affecting more than one in every six people in Europe. Of course, the pandemic has multiplied this problem a thousand fold. COVID-19 has reminded us all just how precious, fragile, and significant our mental health is. In this context, today’s Joint Action has the potential to deliver real change and concrete benefits to citizens across the EU. “

The Commissioner also stressed: “We need to respond with a combination of urgency, investment, capacity building and innovation. We must base our efforts on effective collaboration.” The Commissioner concluded by underlining the importance of the EU4Health programme in the promotion of mental health.

The new Joint Action  focuses on the transfer and implementation of two best practices in mental health: Mental health reform in Belgium and Suicide Prevention Austria (SUPRA).  The benefits of these best practices will be transferred and implemented as a pilot in the participating countries, to promote better mental health and prevent mental disorders. This can lead to significant benefits over time, for individuals and society.


JA ImpleMENTAL is a Joint Action funded by the European Union’s 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020). It will run for 3 years with the aim of improving citizens' mental health, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Joint Action involves 40 organisations, 21 competent authorities and 19 affiliated entities from 21 European countries.

The best practices on which the project focuses have been pre-selected by the Steering Group on Promotion and Prevention (SGPP) from the pool of the EU’s Public Health Best Practice Portal. These best practices will be transferred and implemented as a pilot in the participating countries.

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