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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article5 July 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency

REPA Webinar on 29 June 2023 - CEF Digital amendments, reporting, payment: presentations & recording

Webinar on REPA (Reporting and Payment), the eligibility of costs and amendment

On 29 June HaDEA organised a webinar on REPA (Reporting and Payment), amendments and costs eligibility.

Representatives from HaDEA’s financial and operational units delivered the webinar to the 130 participants, including coordinators and beneficiaries of the CEF Digital programme. It covered the eGrants procedures for REPA (Reporting and Payment), as well as the amendments to grant agreements.

Provided information will contribute to reinforcing the capacities of CEF Digital beneficiaries and the efficiency of CEF Digital programme.

The following information is now available in the presentations and recording below:

  1. Amendments
    • Principles
    • Rules and types of amendments
    • Submission process – IT tools
    • Extension, addition of beneficiaries, suspension, termination
  2. Reporting
    • Information and guidance documents
    • Continuous reporting (including progress report)
    • Periodic reporting
  3. Payment & Costs
    • Payment process
    • Eligibility of costs
    • Rules on assessing the eligibility of claimed costs, procurement, budget transfers


4 JULY 2023
CEF Digital Amendments
(1.4 MB - PDF)
4 JULY 2023
CEF Digital - Reporting
(3.91 MB - PDF)
4 JULY 2023
CEF Digital - Payments and costs
(1.22 MB - PDF)




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5 July 2023
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