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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article20 September 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency2 min read

Seven HaDEA-managed projects to showcase their achievements at EU Industry Days from 4 to 6 October!

The EU Industry Days will take place in Malaga from 4 to 6 October. Six Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects managed by HaDEA will showcase their achievements, innovative technologies and novel industrial processes at the event.

The EU Industry Days are Europe’s flagship annual event focusing on key industrial policy discussions, connecting industrial frontrunners, and boosting the knowledge base of European industry. The 2023 edition will take place in Málaga from 4 to 6 October.

Six Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects managed by HaDEA will showcase their achievements, innovative technologies and novel industrial processes at the event. Discover the projects and learn how they are shaping the European industries:

  • TURBO is dedicated to reducing defect formation in the production of wind turbines. It employs techniques such as enhanced simulation, non-destructive testing (NDT), and improved process control. These will improve the turbine blade production, an essential element for reaching the Green Deal targets. The project will demonstrate its results in the fabrication of full size WTB sections at the Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy factory in Aalborg, Denmark.
  • RECREATE is developing novel technological solutions and processes for the deconstruction and reuse of buildings. It is focused on the reuse of precast concrete elements through the reassembly process for the development of new buildings. It pushes towards circular construction by investigating the systemic changes needed in the whole ecosystems of construction and demolition. The reuse of precast structural components retains the secondary material at its highest value.
  • Platform-Zero is working on a new industrial process-monitoring platform for third-generation PV using AI to revolutionise the production process and impactfully reduce defects and costs. It is developing novel sensors and methods for in-line industrial inspection that will improve the quality of third-generation PV and reduce its environmental impact by minimising the waste of energy and valuable materials during production.
  • NEXGEN SIMS is developing autonomous carbon neutral mining processes. This includes the use of battery-electric mining equipment, full utilization of 5G for optimal connectivity and positioning, autonomous material handling, AI-powered traffic and fleet control and collaboration among machines. The project is also focusing on safety and the mine worker of the future, e.g., by developing autonomous mine inspection technology.
  • UPLIFT is working to reduce plastic waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions associated with its production. It is developing scalable enzymatic and microbial processes to selectively depolymerise and upcycle plastic packaging waste currently considered unrecyclable. The idea is to integrate the fossil-based (depolymerised) plastic monomers with bio-based (fermented) building blocks, to obtain more carbon-neutral polymers.
  • SisAl Pilot aims to demonstrate a patented novel industrial process to produce silicon. This will enable a shift from today’s carbothermic Submerged Arc Furnace (SAF) process to a far more environmentally and economically sustainable alternative: an aluminothermic reduction of quartz in slag that uses secondary Aluminium and silicon raw materials.
  • SURE 5.0 aims to support SMEs from the Civil Transportation (MTA and aerospace & defence) and Electronics ecosystems, to integrate in their manufacturing processes the industry 5.0 principles, in order to become more human-centric, sustainable and resilient. It is working to foster the adoption and deployment of advanced technologies as well as the consideration of social innovation practices that will facilitate their twin transition (digital and green).


Horizon 2020 was the EU’s multiannual funding programme between 2014 and 2020. H2020 provided Research and Innovation (R&I) funding for multi-national collaboration projects alongside individual researchers and SMEs via special funding instruments. Horizon 2020 was continued by the Horizon Europe Programme, which will run until 2027.


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