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News article31 March 2023European Health and Digital Executive Agency

The successes of CEF Telecom projects contribute to the goals of the European Year of Skills

Cef telecom EYOS

Nowadays, data literacy is in high demand and the EU is supporting the development of tools and platforms that will enhance this skillset. To that end, the official portal for European data hosted a webinar on March 31st, “The European Year of Skills and the role of open data in it”. The Commission also reinforced the policy on Public Open Data (POD) and Public Sector Information (PSI) by publishing a list of specific high-value datasets in December 2022.  

The Connecting Europe Facility Telecom programme (CEF Telecom) has contributed to POD by supporting:

  • the re-use of information through the official portal for European Data;
  • the generation of cross-border services providing access to open dataset; and
  • the creation of new access services to increase High Performance Computing (HPC) and data capacities of the European Data Infrastructure.

Examples of successful CEF-Telecom projects in this field include:

  • EU-wide automated mapping system for harmonisation of Open Data based on FOSS4G and Machine Learning (Geo-harmonizer)worked on establishing an original, web-based and modular system for hosting and accessing various thematic geospatial data layers to support cross-border services over the Geo-harmonizer region*. The consortium developed a data portal and a software that are compatible with various free and open-source software solutions for geospatial data (FOSS4G) in combination with Machine Learning algorithms. These tools were then made available within EU-supported HPC infrastructures.
  • Urban Co-creation Data Lab (UCD Lab) focused on assisting municipalities in decision-making processes when analysing complex combinations of extensive datasets in areas of public interest.As a result, the municipalities of Lisbon and Badajoz are now in a much better position to respond to a wide range of challenges in the areas of mobility, waste management, parking, pollution, and traffic emergencies.

In a nutshell, under the CEF 2015- 2020 calls:

  • 40 grant agreements were signed for the Public Open Data Digital Service Infrastructures (DSI);
  • A total of €47.9 million funding was earmarked for 24 EU countries, one EEA country and one non-EU country.

* Namely, the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia &Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania.


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31 March 2023
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