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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
News article25 May 2022European Health and Digital Executive Agency

Two new Prior Information Notices under EU4Health

(c) European Union 2022

HaDEA has published two Prior Information Notices for call for tenders to be funded under the EU4Health 2022 Annual Work Programme.

Interested parties are invited to consult TED and e-Tendering for the possible publication of the contract notice and tender documents.


HADEA/2022/OP/0011- PIN

Multiple Framework Contracts in Cascade for Support Actions in the Field of Tobacco Control

The main purpose of the multiple framework contracts (MFC) in cascade is to provide services to support the various actions in the field of tobacco control at EU level.

The objectives include support to the implementation and further development of the EU’s tobacco control policy and legislation and actions further outlined in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.         

Estimated total value: €2 500 000.00

HADEA/2022/OP/0012- PIN

Multiple Framework Contracts in Cascade for Support Services to Manage Expert Groups in the Field of Health 2023-2025

The objective of this call for tenders is to support the management of the Commission health expert groups, their policy development and actions on key public health challenges. Its aim is to acquire managerial, administrative, technical, scientific and dissemination services.

Estimated total value: €10 000 000.00


Publication date
25 May 2022
European Health and Digital Executive Agency
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AWPEUCancerPlanEUFundedHealthUnionPublic health