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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
Horizon Europe - Health

Horizon Europe Health generates new knowledge and develops innovative solutions to protect people’s health and wellbeing.

HaDEA supports health research by managing Cluster 1 ‘Health’ of the Horizon Europe programme (€4.1 billion for 2021-27), part of Next Generation EU (€1.3 billion for 2021-23), and the legacy programme Horizon 2020. It organises calls for proposals to fund collaborative research projects.



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The ongoing climate crisis poses an unprecedented threat to public health.  It affects our health and wellbeing through the impacts of extreme weather events, the worsening of air quality, changes in the spread of infectious diseases. It also exacerbates social inequalities, reduces food and water s

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World Brain Day is dedicated to increasing public awareness and promoting advocacy related to brain health, worldwide.
This year’s theme is ‘Brain health for all’ which focuses on sharing crucial information about brain disorders to reduce their burden for everyone

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