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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)

The BTSF training sessions are carried out by several companies that organise trainings and all practical arrangements for the participants on behalf of Chafea. They provide best specialists and trainers in the field, state-of-art science and up-to-date information on the legal regulations and their practical implementation. The training sessions are organised in various locations within the European Union as well as in third countries.

Who can participate in training?

The trainings are provided free of charge to government officials engaged in food and feed safety inspection of selected countries, appointed by their government. Business operators and other government officials from other countries can also participate in training courses shall free places be available shall the Commission deem it appropriate. These participants must cover the costs of their participation (transport, hotel, catering, etc.).

How to register for a training

Check the calendar of upcoming training sessions to see if there is any topic that you are interested in.

Contact your National Contact Point to apply for participation.