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News article22 January 2024European Health and Digital Executive Agency2 min read

5G Conference 2024 – meet CEF-Digital projects and their contributions to 5G infrastructure

Read our article on HaDEA-managed CEF Digital projects facilitating Europe’s connectivity

The 2024 edition of the European 5G Conference, taking place on 30 and 31 January at the nhow hotel in Brussels is an annual meeting with the aim of leading the discussion on 5G policy.

The conference gathers policymakers, and industry stakeholders on key themes such as investment, security, sustainability, emerging business models, and connectivity, while providing an update of the progress made towards the 2030 ‘Path to the Digital Decade’.

CEF-Digital projects

Discover four HaDEA-managed projects present at the conference:

CONNECTOW: 5G Connectivity for Wavre (Belgium)

Citymesh, in close cooperation with the Belgian city of Wavre, will build a state-of-the-art 5G private network complying with current security standards and attaining the highest level of performance. The EU-funded CONNECTOW project will install a city-wide 5G network so that firefighters and police services can use safety drones in emergency situations. Additionally, 5G-based smart meters will be installed so that the city of Wavre can better manage and green its energy consumption.

5G-TERRA: 5G infrastrucTure and sERvices foR public interest and sociAl inclusion (Greece)

Wings in cooperation with Cosmote, the Digital Cities of Central Greece (CitiesNet) and the Region of Crete will deploy a 5G New Radio equipment, along with the required upgrades in the wireless backhaul equipment, antennas, and links to support the newly deployed or upgraded RAN (Radio Access Network). The5G TERRA project will provide high-quality, leading-edge 5G connectivity to the end users of remote and sparsely populated areas in Greece to enable efficient, state-of-the-art SGIs in the sectors of Healthcare, Education, and Civil Protection.

5GENIUS: A Next-Generation Network for the University College of Ghent (Belgium)

Citymesh in cooperation with the University College of Ghent (HOGENT) will roll-out a 5G network and service provisioning to address the growing need for high-speed connectivity on campus and provide HOGENT with cutting-edge network services supporting businesses and start-ups, students and researchers, and other relevant stakeholders in the emerging smart-campus community. The project aims to establish a sustainable and future-proof infrastructure that facilitates innovation, economic growth, and prosperity.

GUIDE project: Supporting the 5G Strategic Deployment Agenda for EU 5G Corridors

GUIDE project is a Coordination and Support Action for 5G Corridors in Europe bringing together the relevant stakeholders from the ecosystem of the 5G Corridors across the European Union and to help them get the maximum value from the CEF-Digital programme. GUIDE is coordinating the development of the 5G Strategic Deployment Agenda (SDA) in the area of 5G for CAM (Connected Automated Mobility) and facilitating the CEF Digital 5G Corridors topic future project pipelines, as well as gathering best practices.

Background information

CEF-Digital is part of the larger Connecting Europe Facility programme, which also funds Energy and Transport infrastructure in cross-border areas. CEF-Digital support investments in digital connectivity infrastructures of common European interest, such as 5G and Cloud Edge for smart communities or transport corridors, as well as backbone networks (submarine cables, etc.)Between 2021 and 2027, €1.6 billion are made available for grants to fund projects in the EU.

The agenda of the 2024 edition of the European 5G Conference foresees keynote presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions.


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