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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)

This section aims to provide you with useful information, guidelines and documents to make your work with the Agency and the entire project process more effective and efficient.

Background documents

This page contains a number of background documents of relevance to the beneficiaries of Connecting Europe Facility grants.

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Connecting Europe Facility Regulation

Regulation 1316/2013 establishing the Connecting Europe Facility

Available here

Financial Regulation

Regulation 966/2012 on the financial rules applicable to the general budget of the Union

Available here
Reimbursement of personnel costs in projects

European Commission Decision C(2016) 478

Available here

CEF Telecom - Model grant agreement

The model grant agreement should be used for reference purposes only. Only the signed grant agreements can be considered legally binding.

Available here

Other documents

Title Description

CEF Telecom GA implementation - webinar


CEF Telecom GA implementation webinar - presentations:

CEF Telecom GA implementation webinar - QA session: 


CEF TELECOM-2020-2 Grant Agreement Preparation - webinar



Webinar "Personnel costs in CEF Telecom Programme" 


Presentationexamples, audio record & Q&A session

CEF TELECOM - 2020-1 Grant Agreement Preparation webinar



CEF TELECOM - Implementation of Grant Agreements webinar 



CEF TELECOM - 2019-2 Grant Agreement preparation



CEF guidelines Guidelines on the Eligibility of Costs under the Connecting Europe Facility

2020 CEF Telecom call FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - project implementation - September 2019

CEF Telecom Grant Agreement

Model Grant agreement - CEF Telecom 2020 - version June 2019

Forms and templates

Final report drafting guidance

  Consolidated Financial Statement – Annex VI - version May 2021
  Lump Sum Financial Statement - version May 2021


Terms of reference for the certificate on the financial statement - Annex VII

Model terms of reference for the certificate on the financial statements - Version April 2023

Annex 1: Implementation contracts list

Annex 2: Certified Financial Statement sampled transactions - version May 2021

  Declaration of personnel costs - version January 2023

Guide to currency conversion to Euro - version January 2021


Financial Guarantees (Pre-financing)

Third Party Guarantee - version May 2021

Bank Guarantee - version May 2021

Beneficiary Guarantee - version May 2021

Information note for the attention of CEF Telecom - DSI Beneficiaries - NEW CEF Telecom/DSI: completeness of checks for payment requests and eligibility of costs
Information note for Actions with poor, partial or late implementation Information note for Actions with poor, partial or late implementation

Publicity and logos

Publicity Guidelines + logos

Learn how to correctly cite European Commission funding on your dissemination materials as required by the CEF Regulation, funding logo and disclaimer in all official EU languages.


Communicating CEF projects guideline

Useful advice on how to create the communication plan of the CEF project

  Social media guidelines for CEF Telecom projects