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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
Backbone networks for pan-European cloud federations
CEF co-funding rate
Works & Studies
Type of Call
€100.3 m
Budget 2021-2027
Awarded projects

CEF Digital promotes the deployment of cross-border and national cloud, edge and HPC infrastructure interconnections to enable distributed, secure, energy-efficient and high-speed cloud services for EU citizens and businesses.

Projects funded under the Cloud Call aim to:

  • Cope with the latest digital and sustainability challenges, in particular:
    • Enable the industrial and low power processing of large amounts of data;
    • Foster a swift and sustainable uptake of emerging technologies;
    • Support the operationalisation of data spaces and specific use cases for socio economic drivers.
  • Respond dynamically to the needs of beneficiaries by providing data processing and storage capacities across the EU.
  • Allow effective access to resources through a high-performance Domain Name Server (DNS) resolution, infrastructure, supporting use cases, conforming to the latest security and privacy standards.

The first-wave projects will focus on the development of cross-border and national cloud infrastructure interconnections at both the physical (i.e. very high capacity networks) and functional levels (i.e. management systems, software-defined infrastructures and DNS resolution) which will ensure distributed, secure, energy-efficient and high-speed connectivity.

How to participate

There are no specific eligibility conditions concerning consortium composition for this topic, however non-EU controlled entities are strictly excluded.

Open calls are published on the Funding & Tenders Portal and more details are available in the Call text.

Awarded projects

Browse EU-funded projects on the Funding & Tenders portal and get inspired.




Meet HaDEA at the Submarine Networks EMEA 2023
  • News article

Meet HaDEA at the Submarine Networks EMEA 2023

HaDEA will have a stand at Submarine Networks EMEA on 31 May showcasing funded projects and providing information on how to apply for funding to potential applicants.

69 proposals CEF Digital second call
  • News article

CEF Digital: 69 proposals submitted under the second call

The second round of Connecting Europe Facility - Digital (CEF Digital) calls, worth €240 million, attracted 69 proposals with coordinators from 21 different countries and a total of 182 partners in the proposed consortia compositions.